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Noreq Fender AS

As you may be aware by now, we are now a Austrian based firm Palfinger Marine Systems.(Till last Dec 2016, we were known as NoreqFender AS)

Palfinger merged with us this year and hence the name change. I look after the Fender System Division for Middle East, Africa and India. We do manufacture floating pneumatic fenders, fixed fenders, foam fenders, mooring buoys and mooring ropes. From our stock point in Jebel Ali, we distribute floating pneumatic fenders and mooring ropes off the shelf. Since we produce them at our factories, we pride ourselves in our quality standards, hereby offering a competitive product with a touch of professionalism.

In addition to sales of fenders, we also carry out service, inspection, repair and recertification of pneumatic fenders. I have attached our profile for your reference, eventhough its NoreqFender brochure, activities will remain the same.

Noreq Fender Brouchure